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Price List

Packages  (UPDATED OCTOBER 2023 - Saving up to £130. To receive the discounted price, all treatments must be carried out in the same appointment, except Profhilo which is carried out over 2 sessions). 

Bronze: 3 areas wrinkle + lip enhancement - £400

Silver: 3 areas wrinkle + nose reshaping - £450

Gold: 3 areas wrinkle + tear trough filler - £470

Platinum: 3 areas wrinkle + 2x Profhilo treatments - £650

Wrinkle Injections

Dermal Fillers

All dermal filler treatments are carried out using Teosyal (Teoxane) brand.


Up to 1.1ml - £190

We no longer offer alternative pricing options for different amounts of filler used for lip enhancement. The above price is a set fee, regardless of how much filler is used. We do not need to use the whole syringe, and you can still have a smaller amount, but the price will be the same. The reason for this is explained on the 'Treatments' page.

Cheeks/Chin/Jaw/Lines & Hollowing (e.g. Marionette, Nasolabial)

1.1ml  - £190 

Additional syringes - £100 per 1.1ml

Nose Reshaping ('Non Surgical Rhinoplasty')


Tear Trough


Optional top up before 8 weeks - £165

(In some cases, a top up may be required for best results)

Profile Balancing Package

Lips, Nose & Chin - £500 (Set Price) 

Filler Dissolving 

£150 or £100 if refilling with us.

Skin Treatments & Mesotherapy

Fat Dissolving (Aqualyx)

Chin - £140 

Other larger areas (tummy, thighs etc)  - £180 

Typically, small areas can need 1 - 3 sessions, however may only require 1 treatment for sufficient results. However larger areas including tummy/thighs, may need further treatments. This will be assessed during your consultation. 

Sclerotherapy (Thread Vein Removal)


Additional treatments - £120

1 session will generally suffice, however depending on severity etc 2 - 4 treatments may be necessary for the best results.

Injectable Skin Boosters


£250 per treatment. 2 treatments are required, spaced 4 weeks apart.

FillMed NCTF

Eyes - £155 or course for £435

Neck - £195 or course for £555

Face - £215 or course for £615

Eyes & Neck - £250 or course for £720

Face & Neck - £310 or course for £900

A course of 3 treatments are recommended, over 30 days, spaced 15 days apart. The below prices include a medical grade chemical peel as part of the treatment and an aftercare pack with a face mask and products to use at home, post treatment. Courses must be paid in advance.

Radiofrequency & Electroporation Skin Tightening

Single/maintenance treatment - £90

Course of 6 - £420 

Special Discounted Package: 3 areas Botox + 6 radiofrequency treatments - £600

4-8 sessions are recommenced, spaced 1 week apart. Maintenence sessions should be carried out 1-2 times per year. The amount of initial and maintenence treatments will vary for each individual. Please get in touch or book a consultation if you have any questions about RF and Eletroporation.

Chemical Peels

Clinicare (Pure, Glow, Refresh) or 

FillMed (Light, Bright, Time)

£80 per treatment

Course of 4 treatments - £280

Course of 6 treatments - £390

LED Light Therapy

30 minute treatment - £60 

Course of 6 treatments - £315

Course of 12 treatments - £480

Add-on after alternative treatments - £20

Medical Grade Home Skincare Products 

Pharmaceutical grade products are available on prescription. A consultation is required, which can be either in-clinic or virtual. Please get in touch or visit the booking page for more info. 

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